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Electronic Lockbox Services, LLC

The modern dental practice is filled with inefficiencies caused by other parties whom are only concerned with their own best interests.  Only a handful of insurance companies offer real-time processing, so many times the patient leaves the office without knowing what portion of their bill they are responsible for.  This leads to the costly process of patient statements and collections. Many insurance companies purposely limit information on eligibility and benefit requests because of the fear that the patient fully understanding their benefits will lead to more services. 

Every dental association, bank, and most practice management system vendors all push a merchant services solution, not because it is the best solution for your office, but because they receive a commission each month on your transactions.  The merchant services solution which is best for a dental office is not the same as what is used at an auto parts store – but that is what they sell.  An office is also told they are receiving a “great low rate”, which ultimately ends up being much higher, as it is loaded with additional fees specifically designed to extract as much money as possible from each transaction.

Over and over again, your office and your patients suffer because another party is only concerned with themselves. Electronic Lockbox Services (ELS) is different.  ELS is part of the Renaissance Health Service Corporation (RHSC), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting oral health for over 50 years. Having the backing of RHSC’s 3 billion dollar per year book of business allows ELS to focus on lowering costs for dental offices rather than increasing transactional fees on merchant services processing.  ELS provides solutions which offer dental offices the choice to operate in the best interest of their practice and the patients that they serve.

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