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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What is electronic lockbox services phone number?


    help, contact us, phone

  • What is the rate charged for electronic merchant account?

    A simple flat rate 2.59% with no hidden fee’s

    rate, charges, ema, merchant, accounts

  • Where can I download the merchant application?

    The merchant application is available for download on our legal page

    download, merchant, application, pdf

  • Should I have designated HIPAA safety officer?

    Your office must have a designated privacy officer (person) to be responsible for developing and implementing all required policies and procedures. Read more about how HIPAA Safeguard can help protect you.

    HIPAA, Privacy Officer

  • Should I have documented HIPAA standards stating how you will keep your patients information safe?

    Your office must create and adopt a written Protected Health Information Security Policy.  Read more about how HIPAA Safeguard can help protect you.

    HIPAA, Standards, Patient Information

  • Should I have an Acceptable Use Policy?

    All employees, contractors, vendors and other relevant third parties should be required to follow acceptable use policies when using the organizations information and assets. Proper attention should be given to these policies both on the organization’s premises, and when offsite, both at home and traveling. The users should be responsible for assets and information that are under their control. Read more about how HIPAA Safeguard can help protect you.

    HIPAA, Acceptable Use Policy

  • Should I have a Business Associate Agreement?

    Every healthcare practice in existence depends on someone outside of their organization to provide services dealing with your patients' information. Unfortunately your Information Security is only as good as the protection of your weakest partner. Both the law and common sense dictate that our organization explicitly define what an external party can and cannot do with PHI and what they must do to protect it. Read more about how HIPAA Safeguard can help protect you.

    HIPAA, Business Associate Agreement, BAA

  • What steps do I take to report a data breach incident? 

    So you've had a data breach incident. They happen, even to the most prepared companies. You can't change the fact that an incident has occurred at this point. But, you can control how you respond. Step back and take a breath. Hopefully you have gone through some planning before this event occurred. Regardless, you are now working with professionals who deal with hundreds of incidents every year. From the largest organizations to the smallest, across industry verticals we work with all kinds of companies that have suffered breaches, and we have helped them not only to get through them, but to come through stronger. Read more about how HIPAA Safeguard can help protect you.

    HIPAA, Data Breach, Incident

  • Who can help me answer HIPAA related questions?

    All HIPAA Safeguard users have access to live telephone support staffed by data security professionals. Read more about how HIPAA Safeguard can help protect you.

    HIPAA, Questions, Telephone

  • Have any offices received HIPAA fines?

    Yes, in one of many recent examples, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recently levied a fine of $100,000 (Article).

    HIPAA, Fines, HHS

  • If I need support what are your contact methods?

    To provide the best possible customer service support, we are available to assist your office by phone, fax, email and via the website, once you have logged into your provider portal you may create support requests from the support section.

  • If I contacted support how long will it take for a response?

    Our hours of operations are 8am to 8 pm Monday- Friday (Eastern Standard Time). If you contacted us by email Monday through Friday you’ll receive a response call from our support staff within 4 hours.  It is our intention to answer all calls in person, but if you reach our voice mail we will return your call the same day.

  • How do I enroll for the Electronic Merchant Account?

    You may contact sales at any time by calling (888)241-6780 or emailing  You may also begin the enrollment process by going to and selecting the Start Enrollment button.  The enrollment process will take 3-5 days for all paperwork to be approved and hardware to be shipped.

  • Using my current merchant services statement how can I find my effective rate?

    Merchant services statement are complex by design, we would like the opportunity to work with you on finding your effective rate and sharing with you all the features Electronic Merchant Account offers your dental office.  Our sales team can be reached by calling (888)241-6780 or emailing

  • How can I tell my effective rate is only 2.59% per swipe?

    The beauty of ELS is that the flat rate applies to all transactions, thus alleviating the need for your office to review each transaction to evaluate the transaction rate.  Additionally, the ELS Provider Portal offers a variety of robust reporting options that your office can utilize to track all transactions being made both in the office and online via

  • Are my patients able to make payments online at any time?

    Yes, patients are able to make payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year online via Payments are made using your offices location statement code which is linked to your location/office.

  • Where can I locate my location statement code?

    Please contact support by phone, fax, email or using the provider portal.

  • Are additional USB magnetic strip readers available?

    Yes, please contact support by phone, fax, email or using the provider portal.

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