I am so glad that I agreed to see what ELS could do for us.  I was skeptical at first when presented with another Merchant Services company; however ELS is more, much more, than just another company that processes our patient’s credit card transactions.   It is the best business decision we have made.

Dr. Joseph

What ELS has done for credit card processing in the dental practice is truly revolutionary.  A very competitive flat rate for every credit card we accept has saved my practice money.  Our Treatment Case Acceptance is up as well, because of the built-in recurring payment option that enables my patients to get the treatment they need and spread their payments over time, without 3rd party financing getting involved. 

Dr. John

Having the ability to have my patients pay their outstanding statements online with the patientpaycenter.com feature has helped our staff tremendously with our collectables.  It used to take 3 or more mailed statements to the patient to get them to contact us and make arrangements.  Now with the secure online payment option we hardly have to send a 2nd statement at all.  Great work ELS for understanding how important a practice’s cash flow is.

Dr. Michael


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